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A Good Time had by All...

On behalf of the Pilot House Board our thanks go out to all who contributed towards making the Great Shucking Shindig a wonderful success! We had a perfect day for this event and it was a terrific opportunity for our community to re-connect following the necessary cloistering from Covid. We especially enjoyed the gathering of all neighbors, new and former.

Our special thanks extend to the members of the Social Committee, Kathie Moore, Steve Clayton and Phil Copley. We enjoyed three classic signature dishes at the event: Oysters on the grill, freshly shucked raw Oysters on the half shell and the Miles’ famous Clam Chowder. Many thanks go to Emily and Jack Miles for procuring and preparing these regional favorites. The Clam Chowder remains a consistent favorite from years past. Special thanks to the Grill Master, Gary Naigle, who kept the incoming tide of freshly grilled oysters throughout the party. Thanks also to the shuckers, Greta Naigle and George Haley.

We also enjoyed several tasty dishes from Omar’s. The desserts were expertly prepared by Chocollage, another Freemason favorite. Our thanks to Kathie Moore for these delicious dessert donations. As the day’s event entered the early evening, we also had the placement of festive lights in the pergola.

Greta Naigle was the lead in design and setup of these lights. Thank you, Greta, for this nice addition, as well as to the Covenants Committee for source funding of the lights.

All in all it was a Great Shucking Shindig! The Social Committee did an amazing job of planning and producing a fun, tasty, engaging, and mildly raucous party.

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