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Pilot House Committee Information

General Information on Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee's

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Ad-Hoc Committee's

Covenants Committee

Pet Policy Committee

Web Site Committee

Security Camera Committee

Membership: Karen Doty; Bruce Robertson; Laura Landman

Membership: Phil Copley; Jeanne Bowers; Karen Doty

Membership: Phil Copley; Karen Doty; Stephanie Stringer; Bruce Robertson

This Committee is currently reviewing the Pet Policy on behalf of the Board of Directors. Once a recommendation is finalized, it will be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration.

This Committee reviewed, and recommended a security company and respective proposal for security camera replacement. The Board of Directors agreed with the recommendation, and Vector Security was selected. Vector Security is currently installing Phase I of the project.

This Committee is actively discussing the website and vetting new features and processes. Recommendations go to the Board of Directors for consideration as appropriate. 

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