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New Security Camera System

Pilot House Residents, 

The Board of Directors is pleased to inform you a security company has been selected to install a new Security Camera System. The project will be completed in two phases, with phase I beginning the week of Feb 25 – March 1, and Phase II will be completed in coordination with future rehabilitation work on the garage at a later date (to be determined).  Phase I of the Camera Project will include the following:  Installation of Cameras at the following Locations:

  1. Front Padestrian Gate (Allowing residents to see who is being buzzed in)

  2. Front Sidewalk (At Pole, in Front Flower Bed)

  3. Electrical Room (located off of Garage)

  4. Condo Building Call Box (Capturing Town House Porches, and Users of Building Callbox)

  5. Condo Building 2nd Floor Lobby (Capturing Lobby and Main Elevators)

  6. Installation of Digital Video Recorder with at least 30-Days of Storage for Videos

  7. System will include ability for residents to view select cameras from a computer or mobile device via a web service

  8. Access accounts will be setup by unit, and access information will be sent to all residents as appropriate

  9. Installation of a Cox Communications Internet subscription Phase II of the Camera Project will include the following: Installation of additional cameras:

  • 1st Floor (Garage) Lobby

  • Main Garage (same locations as old system)

  • Dock (installation just outside gate leading from Garage to Dock) Cameras are HD, all-weather rated, and are infrared capable (for clear viewing at night or in lower light). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the board secretary ( Have a great day,  Pilot House Board of Directors

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