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Security Update

Shortly after 3AM on August 12 and 4AM on August 15 the same two males intruded, stole unlocked bicycles from the garage, checked multiple cars, and stole items from unlocked cars in both the upper parking lot and garage. One of the two intruders returned on August 26 at 10:30 am and stole a garage door opener from the garage area. Security video shows that the individuals entered the property on the first night via an open pedestrian gate to the the upper parking lot and then an open gate to the garage at the bottom of the stairs. On the second night they climbed over the pedestrian gate and entered the same open garage gate again. On the third instance the individual climbed over the pedestrian gate and found an open gate to the lower garage by the seawall. Video footage indicates that they only entered unlocked vehicles.


  • Two residents have filed a police report.

  • The video footage was shared with the NPD Freemason liaison.

  • Unlocked bikes of away residents have been stored safely.

  • A resident has walked the property each recent evening to check that the entries are closed and locked and will continue to do so as able.

  • The security cameras have been modified to be triggered by any motion between 11PM and 5AM making it easier to review the night’s activity. The cameras continue to be checked daily, and no additional intrusions have occurred.

  • The metal gate to the garage at the bottom of the stairs from the parking lot has been filed down and the locking mechanism lubricated making it much less likely to stick.

  • Bruce Robertson has asked the Security Committee to convene and make any further recommendations to the Board.


  • File a police report if you lost valuable or traceable items. The Pilot House cannot file a report for individual stolen resident property. It must be done by the affected resident. (Norfolk Non-Emergency Number: 757-441-5610)

  • If you lost a clicker or fob from your vehicle notify the board immediately.

  • Lock your cars and bicycles, even if in the garage.

  • For your safety and the safety of others, never prop open doors/gates and leave them unattended.

  • Be sure all doors and gates are closed and locked at all times by you or your visitors, especially late at night and early in the morning.

  • Review the link to a video below showing proper closure of the pedestrian gate.

  • Exercise caution when departing from or returning to the Pilot House late at night or in the early morning hours.


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