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As many of you may know, one of our big undertakings this year (the biggest) is repairing and upgrading the garage. This major project will include: cleaning, repairing and painting walls, columns and doors/jambs; ceiling repair and painting; improved lighting; and replacing broken wheel stops.  And yes, the trash room and bathroom are included in these refurbishing improvements.

We are anticipating that the work will begin later this summer or early fall and we’re asking for your help, patience and flexibility to see this through. The garage project will be done in sections, and during each phase (each lasting 2-3 weeks), we will have to play our own version of ‘musical cars’. We’ll need to park on the other side of the garage, in the upper lot, or possibly on the street. We’ll be asking you for any and all available spaces to use while this is going on.

In addition to the car rotation, the contractor will be moving the garage storage sheds and cinder blocks (probably with a fork lift or pallet jack) in order to access the wall/ceiling/floor areas needing repair. The sheds will be moved to either another part of the garage or to a special storage area TBD. 

Before the sheds can be moved, they will need to be completely EMPTY. The contactor will only accept liability of damage to the shed while moving them if they are empty. SO…the board highly recommends you take this opportunity to start making plans to empty your storage shed.

As soon as we have a starting date, we will let you know.

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Unknown member
May 27, 2019

The sooner the better!

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