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COMMUNIQUE- Need resident help with their HVAC units; April 23 board meeting


We’ll need all residents to turn off the breakers to their HVAC units in your electrical panel for the final phase of the roof work.

Weather permitting, starting Monday, April 20, the roofers will be upgrading the electrical connections to everyone’s HVAC units via the pitch pockets (the metal sleeve flashed into the roofing membrane). While the work is being done, you will need to turn off the breakers in your electrical panel for both the HVAC unit and the air handler.  You should only have to turn the breakers off during the day.

Work will be begin on the lower roof and then move to the upper roof during the course of the week (April 20-25)…again, weather permitting.  You will be given at least 24 hours notice to let you know when your HVAC connection will be worked on so you'll know when it will be required for you to turn off your breakers. Please take a look at your electrical panel now to determine which breakers lead to the HVAC and air handler.

If you have any questions about this or need assistance in turning the breakers off, please contact either Jeanne ( or 513-0123) or Stephanie ( or 228-5707).


We’re hoping to have our next board meeting on April 23 at 3 PM. Because of the coronavirus, our plan is to hold it via conference call, if we can find a way to do this. All residents will be welcome to virtually join us for this meeting, and will get info ahead of time on how to do this. We will keep you posted!

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