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Here’s an update from the Covenants Committee the Pilot House beautification project.

If anyone has questions about this project, please contact a member of the Covenants Committee: Greta Gustavson, Emily Miles, Margaret Land, or Frank Lira.

Phase I of the interior update project finished on January 15, 2021.

To recap the project:

Planning Phase: Hired Innovate Architect/Design to develop an overall improvement plan that addressed lighting, ceiling, carpet, painting, interior furnishings and outdoor furniture, and artwork. The Board approved the plan based on implementation being done in phases.

Phase I: Approved by the Board in November to include replacing ceiling tile, hallway lighting, entrance lighting, replacing smoke alarms on all floors, replacing sprinkler heads on third floor and second floor lobby area, installing a hard ceiling in the central open area of the third floor, and replacing the main entrance pendant light fixtures (yet to be selected).

Of note is the decision to retrofit the existing recessed lighting with new LED components, saving some costs associated with other lighting fixture recommended. The Committee also decided not to add extra lighting fixtures in the 2nd floor furnished area and the lower lobby corner. The unit entrance spot light is also a less expensive alternative to the one proposed and bid on. The Covenants Committee continues to look for the best chandelier for the 2nd floor entrance.

Their goal is to make selections that have technical and style longevity while always keeping the budget and maintenance at the forefront.

Phase II: This will include paint, carpeting and tile finishes. The Covenants Committee is actively working toward a color pallet and flooring selections. This is expected to be complete by mid-February.

Phase III: This will include furniture and artwork selections for each hallway. This is expected to be in the works during 2021 and implemented in 2022, unless otherwise directed by the Board to move more quickly on this Phase.

In addition, the Covenants Committee will be exploring furniture and sun shade options for the pergola.

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