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If you are not a mobile user of the Open Path Security System (Door Security System), this reminder is not for you. Residents who only use FOBS for access to the property/building please continue to do so. 

As a reminder, Users of the Open Path Mobile app enjoy the “Auto Unlock” feature on most doors/gates in and around the Pilot House. The exception is the main pedestrian gate. This particular gate has been set to require manual intervention by mobile users; based on community feedback. 

To unlock the Pedestrian Gate via your mobile device please follow the below procedure:

1. Ensure your mobile device is with you, Bluetooth turned on, and the Open Path App Installed/setup. It’s also recommended that Open Path is left continuously running in the background. 

2. Approach the gate as normal

3. Touch (with your arm, hand, elbow) the Open Path Reader. It’s the gray/black pad thats installed on the Linear Silver CallBox (same reader you also scan fobs on)

4. Once activated by your touch, the reader will attempt to locate and authentic your mobile device. You do not need to touch your mobile device during this process. 

  • Authentication generally takes 1 - 5 seconds (at most). 

  • The reader will have a circle of light that will spin as it attempts to detect your mobile device. If approved, the white circle will display solid, and you’ll hear an audible tone. 

  • On occasion, the attempt to authenticate may end in an error (red dot will appear). If this happens, you can repeat steps 3 & 4 and it will attempt to authenticate again.

5. Once authenticated, the Gate will unlock and a white circle will appear on the reader. 

Please note, you can use this manual touch procedure on any Open Path Reader around the property, whether it’s set to auto-unlock by default or not. The Physical Safety Committee, activated the Auto-Unlock feature for resident convenience at key entry points within the property/building but there are times when it may not automatically detect your presence. There are a variety of reasons why this occurs. Just know this touch method is also available as an alternative to unlock the door/gate. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Bowers, Phil Copley, or Bruce Robertson. 

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