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Coastal & Tidal Flooding Advisory Continues - As of May 7, 2022

The Hampton Roads area, which includes the Pilot House, remains under a Costal and Tidal Flooding Advisory. Because Downtown Norfolk (including the Pilot House) will remain at risk of tidal flooding in this area, the City of Norfolk has opened the nearby City parking garages (York Street and Brambleton Lot) for free parking through noon on Monday, May 9.

At this point the forecast suggests that the Pilot House and downtown areas may experience a tidal surge of up to 6.1 feet. This means that there is a greater potential for minor flooding in our lower level garage. The board is, therefore, recommending that all members of our community relocate your vehicle to a higher level. This could include street parking or placement of your car in one of the two city parking garages. Should you need assistance with relocation of your vehicle, we have community volunteers and board members, who will gladly offer you aid. Please let any board member know and we will assist you.

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May 07, 2022

Thank y’all for the “heads up “

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